Designing Life

My art is about how to see and feel things differently; lighter and easier, yet deeper, with more flow and with the magic of Spirit. I am a mosaic and healing designer/artist. My work is about transforming ingrained perceptions into new potentials of who I am at my core. 

I started creating mosaics in 2006 in Dallas, Texas as a relief from my hectic landscape design/installation business. I participated in workshops from a couple of modern mosaic masters. The remainder of my mosaic style and technique is self-taught. My works are abstractions, fractals of nature, portals. They reflect energy in flow. My inspiration is from nature and metaphysics. I nip and cut glass, porcelain, stones, mirror, crystals, minerals, marble, slate and found objects. I work the patterns to create visuals from fractal to whole. My works are often in subdued colors or monotone with movement created by texture, dimension, interstice, color, and reflection. My cutting styles create innovative, contemporary mosaics.

My process is both planned and intuitive. I often start with a sketch and expand to a full-scale template. The sketch is a loose ‘idea’. The process becomes intuitive, even meditative, as the piece is worked. I cut/nip a collection of tile pieces for a specific section of a mosaic. Each piece is selected for size and movement within the work. There is a certain intuition that moves me to just the right piece at the right time.

My three main forms of mosaic are glass on glass, mirror, and no-grout. My no-grout mosaics are tiles placed directly into concreteadhesive, creating a dimensional quality to the mosaic.

I moved to NWA in 2014. My focus is therapeutic bodywork, mosaic art and teaching. I teach mosaic workshops at several studios. I am presently networking to build a business to produce mosaic art for homes, commercial facilities, and public art in NWA.

I believe our senses are gateways for Spirit, our superpowers. I want to communicate that allowing Spirit to create through me (oranyone) is the most powerful potential for me as a human. My art is an opportunity to co-create with individuals and community todevelop our best possibilities.